About ARTAYO. 

with ARTAYO we have created an extended reality platform company that designs, powers, and operates nft businesses for artists, leading brands and ip holders. 


art is one of the oldest and at the same time most stable tangible assets. wealthy people all over the world have always secured part of their assets in this special tangible asset. art - detached from the capital markets - shows a low fluctuation in value. the average annual increase in value is 10.85% per year - for over 50 years. with nft technology you can now easily invest in art!


the ARTAYO metaverse of modern art is the #1 xr space to experience the largest collection of physical and digital art from the most famous artists worldwide. we are very proud to create a never seen before place that combines both worlds: digitalized physical nft artworks as well as digital nft art.


discover our exhibitions and join our built-in sales platform to trade your very own nfts and to manage your art investments. 


you can access ARTAYO via smartphone, desktop pc or virtual reality device. 


get an exclusive insight preview here.


Our Services

we offer comprehensive services around NFTs for artists and art collectors: digitalization, securitization and fractualization of art

Semi-Custodial &
Self-Hosted Wallets

Provision multi-signature wallets to new crypto users, and allow crypto-native users to connect self-hosted wallets.

Auction, Ecommerce & Secondary Markets

Conduct primary offerings, dynamic auctions, and open editions with capabilities to mint generative artworks and host secondary sales.

Secondary Sales & Royalty Splits

Receive commissions from secondary sales on your marketplace and other major platforms while automating any necessary splits with third parties via smart contract.

Fiat & Crypto Payments

Enable users to pay with credit card, ACH, wire or cryptocurrency for both primary and secondary NFT sales.

KYC, Taxes & Custodyupport

 KYC and real-time tax assessment solutions, configure your ideal NFT custody solution between the brand, buyers, and resellers.

NFT Tickets &

Drive ongoing engagement among NFT owners with ticketed access to exclusive content, merchandise or events, pand community governance.